Product Description

“Size matters, and in a world of small-and-getting-smaller-cell phones, this retro handset converts your tiny phone into something more healthy.”

“Simply plug the handset into your mobile phone and enjoy the rugged comfort of 1960s telecommunications. The retro handset brings back those good ol’ days of slamming the receiver and resting the phone on your shoulder… and it looks slick while doing it too.”


The word “retro” is often used in the description of this product. Once again is this product geared for the user who is more accustomed to this form of communication or is it mainly for an aesthetic that the user has no background in.

This particular device addresses concerns about radiation from cellular phones when used directly. But this device also addresses issues concerning design and the development of technology and the limitations created by the human scale. In the description it states, “a world of small-and-getting smaller-cell phones.” Advancements in technology are allowing for miniaturization but at a certain point it can become nonfunctional.

The issue of scale is an important design factor when designing for children. Although, mobile devices may not have been specifically designed for use by children, the young are increasingly being exposed to these devices.


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