Exmobaby Smart Garments

“Exmobaby apparel and clothing for infants are the first-ever baby garments developed for remote monitoring of heart rate, emotional state and behavior.”

“Baby monitors have made a mark with their presence in the minds of mothers with new born babies and toddlers but they still require parent interaction and attentive ‘monitoring’.”

“The technology included in each Exmobaby product consists of fully washable clothing containing conductive fibers, a detachable transceiver that communicates the information to a home computer, PDA’s and cell phones; and software used to process the data and provide a record of the child’s physical states.”

“The software means that parents can record previous physical states and attach a motivation, such as hunger or tiredness, which allows the system to predict likely causes of future events. With parent and caregiver input, the technology can learn over time and help predict baby’s future emotional and behavior states.”


This type of childcare technology is asking parents to place their trust in sensors and algorithms that will decipher and predict infant behaviors. The trust of parents in this device stem from a culture of relating numbers with accuracy and absolutes. The first time parent no longer has to live in confusion about what their child wants, as the device will ‘scientifically’ use data to access the state of the child.

The imagery for Exmobaby draws from cultural and nostalgic emotions of child and protective dog, man’s best friend from infancy to adulthood.

Another image of mother, child, and dog. The mother is feeding the child but her attention appears to be directed elsewhere. However, the Exmobaby garment is always on and always monitoring the child.


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