Rockwell Group + the Founders of the Blue Man Group

The Blue School, New York, NY



The Blue School’s mission and vision is to create a unique and powerful approach to cultivate children’s curiosity, creative expression, and self-awareness. In the same spirit as the school’s mission Rockwell Group designed the environment so that kids can invent and reinvent the spaces on an ongoing basis. The common spaces are transformable so there is a constant sense of change and evolution, and also added elements of whimsy and unexpected surprises.

The Blue School houses many classrooms for children pre-K through third grade, with the eventual expansion to house fourth and fifth grade classes as the school grows. The school is located in New York, New York. The six story building is 33,168 square feet and was completed in 2011.

David Rockwell at The Blue School – Vimeo Video Link


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In several projects looked at (Imagination Playground, Mobile Bristol’s ‘A New Sense of Place?’, Aldo van Eyck’s playgrounds) the chance for children to have self-directed free play and exploration was key to encouraging use of the imagination and enabling empowerment of the child.

Another key component is the opportunity for children to have flexible environments that they can manipulate themselves. This chance to reconfigure an environment allows something “new” to generate utilizing the same components. The variability of the environment is important in keeping children’s interests and is a solution to constraints presented by spatial and economic restrictions.


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